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Let us return to the past, a long long time ago, in an age when the Gods and Man lived together in harmony. At that time, there was a kingdom called "Angel Land" which was founded by the Goddess Palutena. Angel Land was a place where the sun was always shining and the people peacefully raised their crops. It was a good and happy place and a smile never left the face of Palutena as she watched over the country from The Sky Palace. But, one day, her smile was wiped away as a result of a dream. A terrible dream, which seemed so real and was much more horrible than the worst nightmare. Calling a soothsayer to her, she asked him to unravel the dream and foretell what was to pass. Seemingly in pain, the soothsayer began to speak, "Angel Land will be attacked. Attacked by an invasion of demons from another world. Terrible demons by the name of O...Or...Orcos!" Upon uttering this name, the soothsayer was struck speechless, as voiceless as a stone.

Palutena immediately summoned Pit, the leader of the Icarus Army. The personal bodyguards of Palutena, the Icarus Army was responsible for guarding the peace in Angel Land and none took their job lightly. Upon arriving, Pit was asked to have a seat, a liberty not usually given by a Goddess. Looking directly into his eyes, Palutena began, "Pit! Thank you for coming. I have a task for you," she then told him of her dream and of the soothsayer. "Pit, this dream will come to pass. And, I believe that it will happen in the not-too-distant future. I trust you, but, you must tell no one else! News of these terrible demons will cast our peaceful Angel Land into chaos. I bid you now to begin training so that you may gain special magical power. I am placing all of my hopes and fate of Angel Land on you Pit. You must be the one to battle the demons." Sitting back in her chair, Palutena continued, "Since the days of old, Angel Land has possessed The Three Sacred Treasures. These treasures, when worn, will give the wearer the special magical powers to battle any demon. Yet alas, poor Pit you do not yet have sufficient power to wear these Three Sacred Treasures."

So Pit, with the help of Palutena, devised a mission so that he might attain the power needed to wear The Three Sacred Treasures. This mission was threefold: To battle his way up under the Under World Tower, storm the Over World, and conquer the dizzying heights of the Sky World Tower. Only then would Pit have sufficient power to enter The Sky Palace and wear the Three Sacred Treasures.

To keep The Three Sacred Treasures safe in case Angel Land was attacked while Pit was away on his mission, Palutena sealed them and sent one to each of the Fortress Guardians. She knew that once they had their hands on The Three Sacred Treasures, they would not give them up without a fight. After Pit's mission of training was complete, and he had gained the ability to use the Three Sacred Treasures, the job to defend Angel Land from the Orcos would be his.

With this plan in mind, Palutena then dispatched Pit to the darkest depths of the Under World Tower.

You must help Pit on his life-or-death mission to collect The Three Sacred Treasures and return them quickly to the Sky Palace before the Orcos can over run the land.

But...Just what are the Orcos?!!!!!

--From the Gameboy Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters instruction manual.

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If you were a fan of the original Kid Icarus on the NES, there's a good chance you'll enjoy this game as well. The game-play has not diminished, but rather improved. The sounds still keep true to the original as well as the graphics. So, Kid Icarus fans, indulge in this wonderful adventure!


The game-play stays true to the original Kid Icarus on the NES, so it may be easy to play. The levels, however, seem to be a lot wider. This way you'll be able to explore more and use your arrows and hammer. You'll also come across dungeons, where you'll have to travel in, using the maps you'll find, all leading up to the boss at the end. You must defeat the boss in some way and earn the treasure. The hearts you collect are a form of currency, so use them wisely!

A Button Attack
B Button Jump, Flap wings in mid-jump
Start Button Pause, Open Item Screen
Select Button Alternate between Arrows and Hammer
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