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The arcade hit goes portable! Nine of the original arcade characters have been faithfully recreated to deliver arcade excitement on Game Boy. Test your skills versus the computer in the Killer Instinct Tournament, or Game Link to Game Boy's and go head-to-head with an opponent. But beware, it will take more than radical moves and deadly special attacks to win this tournament. It will take a will, a desire; it will take a Killer Instinct.

--From the Gameboy Killer Instinct instruction manual.

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In its time, Ultratech was a monopoly of technology. They had branches of power everywhere, and if they wanted something done, it got done, no matter what the cost. They decided to get a little bit of publicity by holding an annual fighting tournament. Everyone, or thing, they invited or forced into the tournament was given an incentive to win. Whether it be freedom or prestige, they fought to the end.

It's an alright fighting game, considering the year that it came out. Very similar to its counterpart on the SNES system, you pretty much just kick, punch, jab, and stab your opponent until they walk no more. The graphics aren't much to get excited about, and it is better played in a smaller window. You get to use interesting characters like Cinder, a man of pure heat, or Fulgore, the cyborg. No real story line, just good old fighting.


After the game starts, you can choose "START GAME", "PRACTICE", or "OPTIONS". To play the game, you obviously choose "START GAME". After you choose your character, it will take you down to the bottom of the list of opponents, and you fight your way to the top.

The Characters and some info on them are as follows:

Orchid: Her full name is Black Orchid. She is a spy working for an unknown party. She was hired as a secretary by Ultratech.

Fulgore: Fulgore is a cyborg created by Utratech. They put him in the tournament as a test subject. If he wins, they will produce him in mass to be used as soldiers and weapons.

Jago: A spy along with Orchid, he is a Tibetan monk following the Tiger Spirit. He believes his destiny is to destroy Ultratech.

Glacius: An alien trapped by Ultratech, he was forced into the tournament and must win to gain his freedom.

T.J. Combo: A legendary boxer, he lost his title due to his brutality against his opponents. Ultratech has the power to re-grant him his title, if he wins the tournament.

Spinal: Another Ultratech science project, he was the result of a cell regeneration project. After being created, he assumed the soul of an ancient warrior. He is in the tournament simply because he likes to fight.

Sabrewulf: Originally the prestigious Count Von Sabrewulf, he was stricken with lycanthropy. Ultratech promises him a cure if he wins the tournament.

Chief Thunder: Armed with a mohawk and twin tomahawks, he is in the tournament to find out what happened to his brother, Eagle, in the previous year's tournament.

Killer Instinct "Awesome Victory" Moves
To do an "awesome victory" with Combo, Spinal, Jago or Saberwulf when the other player is in 'danger' (leaning over) quickly push towards and away from your opponent about 5 times. Remember to start and end with the tap in the direction of your opponent. After you've accomplished this push:

Combo: B
Spinal: A
Jago: B
Saberwulf: A

NOTE: If you press the opposite button as noted above for any character (i.e. A instead of B where B does the "Awesome Victory"), you will do a humiliation finishing move instead.

A Button Select/Kick
B Button Back/Punch
Start Button Select/Pauses the Game
Select Button No function
While in a fight, you can press the directional button opposite the direction your character is facing to block.
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