Kirby's Dream Land 1992 By: Nintendo

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On a tiny star somewhere far, far away from earth, there is a very special place known as Dream Land. The Dream Landers are very happy people who use their magical sparkling stars to play and work among the heavens. That is until one night when the gluttonous King DeDeDe and his rotten band of thieves swooped down from neighboring Mt. DeDeDe for a midnight snack in Dream Land. Not only did they steal all their food, but they stole the Dream Landers' treasured Sparkling Stars as well.

Because the Dream Landers didn't have the Sparkling Stars to gather food anymore they began to get very hungry. Suddenly a spry little boy named Kirby happened along and said "Don't worry, I'll get your food and your Sparkling Stars back!" With these words, Kirby set off on his quest toward the dreaded Mt. DeDeDe. We wish him luck!

--From the Gameboy Kirby's Dream Land instruction manual.

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Kirby's Dream Land is a fun little platformer starring everyone's favorite little ball of fluff, Kirby. He would go on to have a great series of games, saving Dream Land again and again from the ravages of King Dedede.
The graphics were great for an old Game Boy game. Both the sprites and backgrounds are surprisingly detailed. And, of course, some classic sound effects, sucking up enemies, spitting them out again, breathing out gasps of air, hopping, bouncing, lots of good stuff. The music is typical for this style of game, not spectacular but won't drive you nuts.


Move through the stages using Kirby's power to suck up enemies and to fly. To suck up an enemy, just press A. Shoot them out again with A or press down to eat them. Unlike later Kirby games you cannot gain powers yet.Kirby can fly if you press Up while jumping. Press B to stay in the air. Press A to spit out enemy damaging air.

A Button Jump
B Button Suck
Start Button Pause
Select Button Nothing
Bonus Game
Hold Up, A, and Select at the title screen.
Config Mode
Press Down, Select and B.
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