Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX 1998 By: Nintendo

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Though you fulfilled the Hyrulian prophecy of the Legendary Hero and destroyed the evil tyrant Ganon, the land of Hyrule enjoyed only a precarious peace. Ever vigilant, you decided to journey away from Hyrule on a quest for enlightenment. Suddenly a squall struck your ship, and though you valiantly fought the waves, a lightning bolt reduced your ship to splinters. Your world faded to black as you sink into the darkness of the storm-tossed sea with the remains of your craft.

You opened your eyes to find Princess Zelda standing over you - or was it?! Actually, it turned out to be a woman named Marin. She explained that you had drifted with the wreckage of your ship to the shores of Koholint Island. This mysterious island was unique for the gigantic egg which crowned its central mountain. It was said that a mythical creature, the Wind Fish, lay asleep inside the egg.
You set out in search of your sword and other gear that might have washed up on the beach with you. As you stood in the surf with your recovered sword, a strange owl suddenly appeared and hooted this riddle:
"Awaken the Wind Fish and all will be answered."

"What is the Wind Fish?" you wonder... And what did its awakening portend? Your most mysterious adventure yet, following the riddle of the Wind Fish through the uncharted island of Koholint, is about to unfold.

--From the GBC Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX instruction manual.

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The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX is a colorized re-release of the original Game Boy Zelda game. Changes include a photographer that takes printable pictures, a new dungeon, and two new colored tunics.


The Game Boy (Color) Zelda's control differently from their console counterparts. The main change is the equipment menu.
In the GB(C) titles you can have any two items equipped at once, you need not always have your sword out. Merely enter the menu with Start and press either the A or the B button to bind it respectively.

NOTE: Your shield does not automatically block for you anymore. You must use it to deflect projectiles and enemies.
Sword Spin: To use the sword spin, simple hold the sword button till it starts glowing and let go. You'll spin around with your sword doing extra damage to enemies.
Early Game Tip: When you start the game, get your shield and head down to the beach. You can use your shield to push the Aenenomies out of the way.

A Button Item A
B Button Item B
Start Button Inventory
Select Button World Map/Dungeon Map
All Buttons Simultaneously Save
Zelda Salsa
Create a new file named ZELDA for a jazzy remix of the Zelda theme.
Bomb Arrows
Equip both the bombs and the arrows and press A and B at the same time. Your bomb will be shot with the arrow, allowing you to reach some treasures early.
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