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Mario Golf is a fun golf game. This game has been on N64 and Gamecube as well. I've played them all, and this one is good even though it's the most limited system out of the three. The graphics looked great considering the fact that Gameboy had 8-bit graphics. The sounds were enjoyable, they sounded a lot like the original on N64. The controls were easy, but they did seem a little unresponsive. The gameplay is a lot of fun because you get to make your own character and then you can play against other pros in match play or tournament play. You can also pick Mario or Luigi and practice a course. If you like golf games, this one is a lot of fun.


You can start by either picking Mario or Luigi, or by making a golfer of your own. If you choose Mario or Luigi, you will only be able to practice. If you make your own golfer, more options of gameplay will available. You can play a tournament, match mode, or practice. In tournament mode, you will compete against a bunch of other golfers for first place. In match mode, you can play against one of the other pros in a game where the score is kept hole by hole. The winner of each hole is awarded a point and the person with the most points will win. While playing, you just have to aim the little golfball where you want your ball to land. Don't forget to check the direction and force of the wind. Then press A, and it will take you to the swing screen. You can press up or down to change which club you're using. Press A to start the meter, press it again to stop it all the way on the right of the meter for power, and again to stop it where it started for accuracy. You can also use your D-pad during the swinging process to change the point of contact. The bottom right corner of the screen shows a little golfball that indicates what part of the ball you are aiming at. You can also press B during the aiming phase to change your swing. There is a power swing for drives, and an approach swing for approaching the green. The power swing adds a little more distance to your shot, and you only have six per game. If you attempt a power swing and stop the meter perfectly both times, you will not lose one of your power swings. You have unlimited approach swings, though. They actually make your wedge shoot a little shorter, so you can use a full swing, it helps take the guess work out of approach shot power. Always try to complete each hole in the least amount of strokes possible. It's that simple!

A Button OK
B Button Cancel,
Toggle Swing
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
If you need the ball to go higher to get over obstacles, hit the ball near the bottom. If you need the ball to stay low so the wind doesn't affect it as much, hit the ball near the top.
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