Mario Tennis 2001 By: Nintendo

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Mario Tennis brings all of your favorite characters from the previous Mario games, from the star himself to others like Donkey Kong and Luigi and many more! They take a break from their duties trying to fight the baddies, and hit the tennis court for yet another way for them to display their talents in this highly competitive and athletic sport. With many different rules of play, there's no telling where the height of talent will finish. New up and coming tennis players can enter the Mario Tour, letting them train in a very prestigious tennis academy and rise through the ranks of junior, senior, and varsity, beating many worthy players in the process and learning different techniques. And you may meet some familiar faces in the process. Only one way to find out...grab your racket and play!

A Button Talk to people, read signs
B Button Run (while holding down)
Start Button Pause game
While playing a match:
A Button Top Spin Shot (press and hold to make it stronger)
B Button Slice Shot (press and hold to make it stronger)
A + B Buttons Smash Shot (hold down the buttons)
Unlock Mario
Complete the Mario Tour in singles.
Unlock Peach
Complete the Mario Tour in doubles.
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