Mega Man 5 1994 By: Capcom

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In the year 20XX AD, the world is at peace thanks to Mega Man. Dr. Wily's fourth attempt at world domination has failed and his name has once again faded from the minds of the citizens of the world. A few months later...

--From the Gameboy Mega Man 5 instruction manual.

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Mega Man 5 for the Game Boy is one of the more interesting Mega Man games. This was the first game in the series for the GB that did not use the NES bosses. The bosses in Mega Man 5
are the Stardroids that Dr. Wily has collected from outer space, which are far superior to his past robots.
Mega Man 5 is a very well put together game. The graphics are superb, gameplay is a pleasure,
and the controls are very responsive. This is a must play for any Mega Man fan, and the final Mega Man in the GB series. So break loose and give Mega Man 5 a try.


Beat all the Stardroids, and then face off with Dr. Wily.
Mega Man 5 replaced BEAT, the
bird that assisted Mega Man in the GB series, with TANGO, which is a cat, and functions just like BEAT. The Mega Buster was also replaced with the Mega Arm. The Mega Arm is slightly stronger
than the Mega Buster, but has its own set of drawbacks.
In Mega Man 5 you can collect P-Chips that can later on be exchanged for power-ups. The P-Chips are fairly easy to obtain; just like in Mega Man 4 they can be picked up off of dead enemies.

A Button Jump
B Button Fire Weapon
Start Button Starts game/Menu
Select Button Nothing
Possess all Items and Power-ups.
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