Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue 2000 By: THQ

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In the city of Mariner Bay, there dwells an evil force of demons, wanting to reclaim their city once more. Their tomb was opened up by a group of suspicious nomads. It was, in a way, an accidental finding. Led by the evil Diabolico, this calls for a new group of heroes, known only as the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue!

If you're looking for a few minutes to kill and are a fan of this series, I recommend this game. The graphics are sub-par, alright for GBC. The sound, however, can become repetitive and boring. The controls are simple and easy to learn. Recommended for those who like Power Rangers or who just want to kill time.


There are three parts to play in each stage of the game: Rescue, Battle, and Megazord. Before you select a section, though, you can choose between one of five rangers: Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger. Each ranger has their own strengths and weaknesses, so decide which you play as the best!

In Rescue, you learn that there are several workers and bystanders trapped inside the area. Your objective is to save them all within the given time limit. There will be items scattered all about, so use them to your advantage! Some objectives can only be reached with specific items!

In Battle, there are several Batlings, the foot-soldiers, if you will, roaming around the area. In order to beat this mode of the game, you must take them all out within the time limit.

In Megazord, you get to play...as the Megazord! This machine is a tradition, as you know if you've ever watched Power Rangers. In this mode, you play as the Supertrain Megazord against a giant monster, head to head, to save some specific item in the area.

A Button Select area or Ranger, Jump
B Button Punch, Kick (in midair)
Start Button Pause
Select Button Open item menu while in play
Level Passwords
BVLJCB1C - Area 1 of City Completed
DVLJWB1C - Area 2 of City Completed
JVLKWB1C - Area 3 of City Completed
BLLJCB9D - Area 1 of Dam Completed
BLLJWC9D - Area 2 of Dam Completed
VLLJWH9D - Area 3 of Dam Completed
BLLNCB1D - Area 1 of Plant Completed
BLL5WB1D - Area 2 of Plant Completed
VLN5WB1D - Area 3 of Plant Completed
VGBHV3XF - Just before Mysterious Level
VGBHV3WJ - After defeating Diobolico in Mysterious Level
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