Pac-Man 1991 By: Namco

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The Pacman series is a monster in the classic video game world. It started a new genre when it came out in Japan in 1979. Most games coming out at the time were either space shooters or pong-like sports games. This new genre appealed to both males and females. This made it so popular, it inspired more than thirty officially licensed sequels, numerous bootlegs, home-brews, and clones, a plethora of merchandise, a top forty pop song, and even an animated series.
This port to Gameboy is a lot of fun. The graphics look very good, except for the lack of color. The controls are responsive and the same as they were in the arcade. The sounds also are just like the arcade, which makes it very nostalgic and sure to please all Pac-Man fans. The gameplay is the same as it was in the arcade, too. You just play as long as you can, trying to get the highest score possible. This classic is sure to please classic gamers of all shapes and sizes.


Pick one or two players. The only variation between the two modes is that in two player mode, you and your partner will take turns playing. The object of each board is to eat all the dots without touching the ghosts. If you eat all the dots, you will move on to the next board. The big dots are Power Pellets, and they will make the ghosts vulnerable for a short period. The time they are vulnerable will get shorter and shorter as you go up in levels. While they are vulnerable you can eat the ghosts for extra points. If you do eat them they will run back to their home quickly and come back ready to kill you. The way to get the best point score is to eat as many as you can though, you will get 200, 400, 800, and 1600 points for eating ghosts. When you eat the first ghost you will get 200 points, and for each one eaten after that the point score will be doubled. Of course, you must do this in one pellet, if you eat another power pellet, the points start all over. As you play through the levels, you will notice fruits appearing under the ghosts' house. Eat these for extra points. Each level has a different fruit, and each level's fruit is worth more points as you go up. You will get an extra man at 10,000 points. Use your wit and reflexes to get as many points as possible.

D-pad Move Pacman
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Eat Everything
Be sure to eat every fruit you see, and the ghosts that you can, that is the key to unlocking the highest point score ever.
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