Pac-Man Special Color Edition 1999 By: Namco

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This game is a TWO for ONE special and is very addicting. It is normal PAC-MAN and PAC-ATTACK. PAC-ATTACK is a lot like TETRIS but with a little bit of pac-man mixed in, and best of all it's in COLOR. It's got the good ol' arcade style graphics with Game Boy sound quality. It is a two player game, player two plays when player one dies. If you love PAC-MAN and TETRIS, this is your game.


In the original PAC-MAN part of this game, move PAC-MAN with the directional buttons and try to collect all the dots to complete the level. To eat the ghosts, get one of the big dots to turn them dark blue. Then run after them and PAC-MAN will eat them. Also eat the fruit, it will get you more points. Each level has a different fruit.
In PAC-ATTACK stack logs on top of each other and try to keep the ghosts stacked close together. When PAC-MAN comes down, the ghosts flash dark blue and he can eat them and you will collect more points. When you eat all the ghosts, you advance to the next level. Other than that, it is basically Tetris.

A Button N/A
Start Button START/PAUSE
Select Button N/A
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