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Joanna Dark is Carrington Institute's top agent and a woman with spunk. Just completing her training, Joanna must prove she is a worthy member of the institute. Her mission will bring her to explore several areas and experience different dangers. While in the South American jungle, she uncovers a major conspiracy...Led by the mysterious DataDyne company.

This game plays like any third person shooter and, for some, this may not be a bad thing. While the graphics and sound are good for the GBC, the game-play may take a downward slant, depending on your preferences. The controls, however, are fairly easy to learn. If you become a fan of this game, it may be worthwhile to continue playing it.


While playing, you'll encounter a few soldiers that you'll need, or want, to kill. Use your weapon to fire at them; it'll take three hits to him them upfront but only once in the back. This game takes pride in being a stealth mission type, which will cause you to be careful with your movements so you don't get taken off guard. Double tap any control key to run in that direction, so your confrontations can turn up minimal. Every once in a while, you will also wind up in a target range practice, where you must hit the targets that pop up. Your score depends on your accuracy!

A Button Fire Weapon
B Button Reload weapon if you have an ammo item
Start Button Pause, Open inventory screen
Select Button Search a dead body for items
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