Pitfall: Beyond The Jungle 1999 By: Pony Canyon

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Princess Mira has been captured, and it's up to Pitfall Harry Jr. to save her and the people of Shenrak. The evil Scourge has scorpions, vultures, and booby traps at its disposal, while Pitfall Harry Jr. is armed only with a pick-axe. The odds may weigh against him, but when you're an adventurous treasure hunter with a track record like Harry's, things don't look so bad.

--story from VG Fanatic
Unfortunately, it looks like they were rushing to put out a Game Boy Color title just for the color. They neglected many aspects of what makes a good game. The graphics are in color, but that's about all: not up to standard in terms of detail and animation. The sound is tolerable, but only just. The controls are also lacking, being somewhat unresponsive and making jumps rather hard to judge. Still, that's the challenge of these Pitfall games, so give Beyond the Jungle a try if you're up for a real test of dexterity and coordination.

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