Pocket Bomberman 1998 By: Nintendo

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Long, long ago, the sun was shrouded by a dark and sinister cloud. Within seconds, darkness spread across the land. No longer could the sun reach the hills and valleys of the beautiful landscape.
An old legend told that the cause for the appearance of the cloud was a huge monster. That ugly creature laid a curse on the legendary "Sword of the Sun" and sealed its power.
Now you are the only hope for the empire. Climb the "Evil Mountain" and collect the five "Power Stones" to break the curse of the sword.
Each stone is guarded by a cruel monster which you must defeat in an intensive battle. Start your quest with only your wits plus a few bombs to protect you, and bring back the sunlight to your country.

--from the Game Boy Color Pocket Bomberman instruction manual
Pocket Bomberman is not quite like other Bomberman titles. Instead of the classic overhead view of a maze, this time the levels are side-view, and you can jump from platform to platform. Use your bombs to destroy enemies, uncover power-up items to make your task easier, and finally defeat all the monsters to save the day!

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