Pokemon: Crystal Version 2001 By: Nintendo

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You live a world where special creatures roam the land and sea. These creatures are called Pokemon. Some people have them to train and battle with, others have them as pets to play with. You go out on an adventure to become the ultimate Pokemon master. To go about this, you come across different types of Pokemon, catching and training them along the way. You must also battle some of the best of the best to prove yourself. Can you do it?

If you've played either Pokemon Gold or Silver, playing this game would seem like a waste, considering it's very similar to them. But that doesn't make it a bad play, in any sense. The graphics are sounds are very well put together, each Pokemon having their own unique cry or call. The game-play is just like the other Pokemon RPG genres before it. So, if you haven't played Pokemon Gold or Silver yet, try out this one. Recommended for any RPG or Pokemon fan out there.


During this game, you'll come across a vast menagerie of Pokemon. While catching all of them isn't a requirement, you must capture a good number of them to advance further. You must raise their levels during battles as well, making them learn new moves. Most of them also evolve into more complex forms.

Battles are a must for this game. You'll come across different battlers and trainers and fight against them using your Pokemon. Make sure you level them up enough before fighting, though! In almost each town you come across, there will be a Gym. In these Gyms, you'll have to face off against a few other trainers before taking on the leader. If you win, you'll earn a Badge, signifying your dominance over them. You keep going to town after town, completing different tasks, beating different gym leaders, and coming across different Pokemon. This is what makes a Pokemon master. Show that you're among the best!

A Button Confirms actions, Picks up items from the ground or floor
B Button Cancel/close out of menus
Start Button Pause, Open up the menu
Select Button Access hot key item, Move items around while in the menu
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