Pokemon: Gold Version 2000 By: Gamefreak

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Your Adventure Begins

In this world live creatures called Pokemon. Humans and Pokemon have lived, worked and played together in harmony for ages. Nevertheless, there are still numerous mysteries surrounding them. In order to find out more about these strange and marvelous creatures, many scientists--such as Professor Elm of New Bark Town--have dedicated their lives to Pokemon research.
Recently, while he was busy with his research, Professor Elm received some mail from one of his acquaintances, Mr. Pokemon. The message said, "I've discovered something fantastic! Please come and see it!!!" Unfortunately, Professor Elm was far too busy to leave his lab, so he called a friend to help him--a young boy named Gold.
"Please go in my place and see what Mr. Pokemon has discovered," said Professor Elm. Always kind and curious, Gold agreed to help.
The Professor then showed Gold three Pokemon and said, "Choose one of these Pokemon to take along with you." Gold was thrilled! This was the first Pokemon had ever had!
Just then, Gold noticed that someone had been lurking in the shadows outside, watching all this through the window. it appeared to be a boy about the same age as Gold, so Gold decided to go outside to talk to him. But when Gold approached the boy, he pushed him backwards, saying, "What are you looking at?!?"
Who was this strange boy, and what had Mr. Pokemon discovered? You're about to find out...

--from the Game Boy Pokemon Gold instruction manual

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