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It was just another typical day of Pokemon card trading with Ronald, a kid from your neighborhood. As always, you were trying to complete your collection of Pokemon Trading Cards when you overheard an ear-catching rumor...
The Legendary Pokemon Cards...mysterious and extremely rare cards held by the four greatest Pokemon card players of all time - the Grand Masters! Rumor has it, the Grand Masters are looking for one player to inherit the legend...a player who can defeat all four of the Grand Masters...one player worthy of the Legendary Cards and worthy of carrying on the legend!
"I wish I could have those cards," you say to yourself. "I will be the one! I will be the player who defeats the Grand Masters and inherits the Legendary Pokemon Cards!" But by the look on Ronald's face, you can tell he has the exact same idea!
"I know," you think to yourself, "I'll enlist the help of Dr. Mason - the Pokemon Trading Card Game researcher!* He knows all there is to know about Pokemon Trading Cards! He'll teach me how to play the Trading Card Game. Then, I'll collect all the cards - including those of the Grand Masters themselves!!!"
"Why the rush, Mark?" Dr. Mason asks as you race into his lab. "THE LEGENDARY POKEMON CARDS!" He cries, after hearing your plan. Thinking out loud, Dr. Mason mutters, "clearly, playing the card game is much more fun than just collecting the cards...I know this day would come...but if this truly is your dream... Perhaps, with my help..."
Suddenly he turns to you and warns, "you'll never get those cards if you aren't dedicated."
"I am ready to do whatever it takes to defeat the Grand Masters," you assure him.
"Very well, then! You must not simply learn the card game - you must master it! Start with this deck! Your deck is the set of cards you will use in duels. One deck consists of 60 cards. Your first opponent will be my assistant, Sam. First, we'll tell you the basics of the game. Then, I'll help you through your first duel!"
* Research pieces of paper? Dr. Mason needs to get a life...

--from the Game Boy Color Pokemon Trading Card Game instruction manual

This game is based on one of the biggest crazes in the late 1990s. It's the Pokémon Trading Card Game. No longer you will hear "Somebody stole my Charizard" and "That guy over there ripped up my Zapdos" from little kids. Instead, all your cards, players, and tables can be safely found in one little black Game Boy cartridge. Here's an overview of the Game Boy version of the card game. First you start out selecting a deck somewhat like the main Red and Blue versions. After you chose your deck, you go practice with one of your buddies. When that's over, the real competition starts. Every time you beat a character, you get a pack of cards, not like the real ones. With those, you can build the team of your dreams. But the real excitement starts when you beat "bosses" and get very rare cards, even those not found in real life. Don't forget, you can trade and battle with another player, like in the main games. I have played this game on a real GB and I was amazed on how well Nintendo made this game. The only thing I want improved is that the game should be updated more frequently as sets of the real cards come out.


Trade your favorite cards and become the greatest Pokémon Master of all time.

A Button Select Menu Items
B Button Cancel
Start Button Start Game, Access Menu
Select Button Nothing
Peek at Prize Cards
First, knock out the enemy's card, and when you are told to pick up a prize, choose any one you want. Remember which card you looked at, and reset. Choose "Continue Duel" and you will resume right before you knocked out the enemy's card. Pick up another prize and repeat the process until you find a card you need or until you know which prizes you have.
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