Primal Rage 1995 By: Time Warner Interactive Inc.

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"In the future... civilization died... in the cataclysms. The Draconians were born... from the death... of old earth. Who will rule the new Urth?"

Primal Rage is basically a fighting game with huge monsters. Choose from six monsters (some are identical clones) and conquer the world in 1P Game mode or do a single match in 1P Training mode. Sadly, there is no two-player mode, many things are watered-down or taken out, and no more Vertigo. This version is very weak compared to all other versions.


Choose from six different monsters (which are gigantic) and battle to the death against six computers. Conquer the world!

A Button Kick
B Button Punch
Start Button Pause
Select Button n/a
Help on Special Moves and Fatalities
If you're new to the Primal Rage games or new to the Game Boy version. Some things may be different. To activate a special move, you hold A and B and then move the control pad a certain way. Refer to a local move list for more details.
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