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The Tiger Woods series is filled with great golf games. This is definitely a nice addition to it. It has good looking graphics. The colors are bright, and the drawings have a nice amount of detail. The pics of Tiger look pretty real. The sounds are pretty easy on the ears. The sound effects sound kinda real, and there isn't a bunch of background music.
The controls are easy to use and respond well. The gameplay is fun. There are several different ways to play, and four different golfers to choose from.


From the first menu, you can only choose to start a new game or continue. If you want to change any options go to Settings. From here you will be able to choose Mode of Play, Course, Golfer, or More Options. In the More Options section you can choose the tees you play from, the speed of the greens, and what kind of swing you want to use.
There is a three click swing, and a pro swing. The three click swing is the easiest. You hit the A button once to start the meter, again to stop it on the first line, and again to stop it on the line it started from. In the pro method, you just hold the button until the meter is full, and press it again to stop it where it started.
There are four modes of play: Stroke, Tournament, Skins and Shootout. In stroke play you just try to play the course in as few strokes as possible. In tournament play, you will play against the other golfers and try to get a better score than they do. Skins play consists of picking an opponent golfer, and you must play against him hole by hole. You will win a skin for every hole you win. Also, in the event of a tie hole, the skin is carried over to the next hole. Whoever takes the most skins, wins the match! In a shootout, it is the same as Skins except that tied holes do not carry over to the next hole.
There are three courses to choose from: Summerlin, Sawgrass, and Scottsdale. There are four golfers to choose from: Tiger Woods, C Stadler, Brad Faxon, and Lee Janzen. While you are playing, there are several functions that you use a point and click interface to use. Just move the cursor to the desired function and press A. The one that looks like a golf ball is used to make your golfer change his target point on the ball. You make him hit it low, high, left, right, or combinations of the four. These will put different spins on the ball. The function with the crosshairs is used to change where the golfer is aiming. Aim past the hole if the wind is in your face, and short of the hole if the wind is behind you. Also, aim left when the wind is blowing right, and aim right when the wind is blowing left. The function with the little flag just tells you how far you are from the pin. The very bottom one that has the name of your club in it, is used to change clubs. Use the directional buttons to toggle between clubs.

A Button OK
B Button Cancel
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Mind the Wind
Don't forget to account for the wind on each shot. Also, the more loft a club has, the more your shot with that club will be affected by the wind.
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