Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs 1998 By: Acclaim

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Acclaim serves up plenty of red-meat action in this companion pak to Turok for the N64. A good-looking side-scroller, Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs follows the stealthy saurian slayer through eight all-new stages, culminating in a face-off with the savage Campaigner.

All your favorite weapons, power-ups and enemies from the original Turok are back for this pow-pow pow-wow. Raptors, mercenaries, cyborgs and more are out in force to make sure the lone warrior never finds his way out of the Lost World. The only help is provided by Shotguns, Particle Accelerators, Fusion Cannons and other firepower hidden throughout the landscape. If Turok finds himself low on energy, he can return to earlier stages to collect Life Forces.

Battle of the Bionosaurs requires lots more tactical thinking than your typical run-and-gun action Pak. Choosing the correct weapon for fighting each enemy proves to be one of the game's major challenges.

In each sprawling stage, Turok will have to collect three keys and a piece of the Chronoscepter, which he'll need in his final confrontation with the Campaigner. He must then find and enter the Hub that transports him to the next stage. Branching paths within stages inject a provocative puzzle element to the game. Turok will have to explore deep caves, climb sheer cliffs, swim lakes infested with aquatic beasts, locate hidden switches and execute dangerous leaps.

Play control is nicely balanced. Early on, enemies are easy to dispatch, but become steadily tougher as the game progresses. Successful jumping takes practice. Smooth animation and big, clear characters make up for the lack of Super Game Boy enhancements. A heavily percussive score propels the action.

--from Nintendo Power magazine

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