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UNO was a very big hit when it came out. It's a card game for all ages. It helps teach children how to count and to know their colors. This Gameboy version is a lot of fun. The graphics look good. There is a nice bright color palette. The cards are drawn well and look just like the real cards. There are also little animations that happen whenever you play a wild or a wild draw four. The music during the game is annoying, but you can turn it off.
There are a lot of options that make this game a lot of fun. You can choose the theme, and there are a couple of variations from the original gameplay. Which makes this game's gameplay awesome. The controls are pretty easy, it's just point and click. The only thing I found tricky was calling UNO, but once you get used to it, it's a breeze. If you like UNO, you'll love this version.


UNO is played by each player being dealt seven cards. Then, one card is flipped for a discard pile, and the rest are put in the middle, face down, for a draw pile. Play starts on the dealer's left and continues to the left. Each player must match either the color, the number, or the word on the top card of the discard pile to play. The player may also play a wild card. If the player does not have a card in his/her hand that matches the color, number, or word of the top card, the player must draw one from the deck. If the card drawn can play, the player may play the card immediately, if not he/she must keep it until later.
When a player is down to one card, he/she must then call UNO, or be subject to a two card penalty. When you have two cards left, bring up the menu, and from there you can tell the game to call UNO for you when you play your card. You can also try to catch the person on your right not calling UNO from this menu. Be careful though, because trying to falsely accuse someone of not calling UNO is a two card penalty.
Play continues until one player runs out of cards. When this happens, the cards left in everybody else's hands are added up, and the total point value is given to the person who played all their cards. First player to the designated point score wins.
In the UNO deck there are four colors, yellow, blue, red, and green. Each color has cards numbered 0-9 and honor cards. The honor cards are: Draw 2- forces the following player to draw 2 cards from the deck; Reverse- reverses the order of gameplay; Skip- skips the following player's turn; Wild- changes the color of play to whatever the person playing the card wants; Wild +4- same as the wild except it also makes the following player draw 4 cards.
In the different game modes there are three more special cards if you choose the special deck. In challenge mode, there is a boomerang card that will direct any kind of draw card away from you and back to the person who played it. The only difference between challenge and standard is, in challenge mode, instead of the winner of the hand getting all the points, each player gets his/her points added to their score, and the first person to the set point score loses. If you choose to use the special deck on standard mode, there will be an all draw 2 card, which makes everyone draw 2 except the person who played it. In link mode, there is a swap hands card that allows you to swap hands with the player of your choice. Link mode is for playing with your buddies via Gameboy link. Be sure to get rid of your special cards first because they are worth more points. Each wild is worth 50 points, while honor cards are worth 15, and number cards are worth 5.

A Button Select
B Button Cancel
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Menu
Call Uno!
Don't forget to count your cards on your turn, and if you have two left, be sure to call Uno so when you play your next to last card, you won't suffer the two card penalty.
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