Wario Land 2 1998 By: Nintendo

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One quiet morning, Wario was resting peacefully in bed. He was so tired from treasure-hunting that he did not hear the suspicious intruders enter his castle. Who were these mysterious characters, and why are they after Wario's treasure?

"Aaargh! I can't believe that Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang have stolen my treasure! I am one angry Wario! I'm going to get my tresures back if it's the last thing I do!

--From the Gameboy Wario Land 2 instruction manual.

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Another great platformer in the Mario/Wario series, Wario Land 2 involves the search to recover Wario's stolen treasures, and finally to defeat Captain Syrup. With tons of great features and lots of levels, the gameplay is really cool.
The graphics are awesome, especially for an 8-bit portable, with nice big, detailed sprites and good animation. Also the sound and music are pretty good, nothing special but not bad.
Don't think that because you can't die, Wario Land 2 will be easy. There are all kinds of things that can happen to Wario that don't kill him, but change his state in various ways, from Flat to Fat, to Fireball, to Zombie. Each state has certain drawbacks, some actually can be useful. Just one of many features that make Wario Land 2 an awesome game to try.

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