X-Men: Mutant Academy 2000 By: ACTIVISION

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Welcome to the Mutant Academy, Charles Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters. In this action/fighting game, play as one of eleven mutants: Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, Pyro, Sabretooth, Mystique, Toad, Magneto, the Pheonix, and The Evil Apocalypse. Use one of them to first take on your teammates and then your enemies.
X-Men: Mutant Academy has a fast-paced gameplay speed and pretty decent graphics. It does however have some glitches in gameplay, like when the players overlap, but that is it.


To perform your mutant power press A + B when your special meter is full. Your special meter is located at the bottom of the screen under your character's name. To jump press the up directional button, you can also attack while jumping by pressing either A or B buttons.
In this mode play as one of your favorite mutants. Whichever side you choose (X-men or Brotherhood), you have to first defeat your comrades and then defeat the opposite side. Now you play your team's boss. If you were an X-MAN, your boss is the PHEONIX. If you were in the Brotherhood, your boss is APOCALYPSE.
In this part pick a mutant and fight as hard as you can for as long as you can.
This mode is a quick play mode. Select your character, then select your enemy. Pick the number of rounds and start fighting.
In this mode hone your fighting skills and practice your mutant powers(A + B).

A Button PUNCH
B Button KICK
Start Button START, PAUSE
Select Button N/A
Right, Left, Up, Down, Left, Up, B, A Phoenix
Down, Right, Down, Up, Left, Right, B, A
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