Yoshi's Cookie 1993 By: Nintndo

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This puzzle game is fun and slightly addicting. The graphics look good, but they are simple shapes, so they didn't need to be stellar. The in-game sounds are a little beepy and the music is annoying, but you can turn it off.
The gameplay is a little different, but it's a nice change from the norm. It has a moderate replayability score. Mario and company deliver a mediocre gaming experience that is worth at least a rigorous test drive.


The object of the game is to get a row or column to contain all matching cookies. As soon as you do this, that row or column will disappear. Make them all disappear to clear the board. Instead of you moving the pieces that are falling, you move the cookies that are already on the board to match falling cookies. There are three different speeds to choose from. The higher the speed, the faster the cookies will fall. You can start on any round from one to ten.
Choose one or two players. In versus mode you have to finish your board before your opponent, and there is a handicap function just in case you and your friend are unevenly skilled at the game.

A Button Hold while using D-pad to shuffle cookies
B Button Make cookies fall faster
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button None
Don't wait
If you have a chance, try to line up the cookies to match the falling cookies before they get there. Don't wait for them, be ready.
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