Adventures of Batman and Robin 1995 By: Sega

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Mr. Freeze is going to turn Gotham into an Ice Age! Gotham's heroes, Batman and Robin, must go and stop Freeze before he makes the city a giant iceberg!
Adventures of Batman and Robin had great graphics and responsive, easy-to-use controls. The two player mode was a great feature as well. The gameplay is what it was lacking. It did bring some big hitters to the villain's table: The Joker, Mad Hatter, Two-Face, and Mr. Freeze. The backgrounds are very creative with nice little detailed graphic touches like, cats popping out of the trashcans when destroyed, and you can knock certain badguy's hats off. The Mad Hatter's level was especially cool, looking like a scene from Wonderland. A great musical score fills the background music. Overall it is a good game, it just needed a little more involvement from the player.


Every level's gameplay is basically the same, it's a button mashing contest. The game just bombards you with badguy after badguy. No strategy involved, just push that button as fast as you can. Just tap the attack button, and if they are in melee range you will kick and punch them. If they are far away, you will fire your ranged weapon. The only exception is the stage where your flying over Gotham. For this stage, it plays like a top-down shooter.
Power-ups will be critical. Hearts give you life, and with no defensive power-ups, you'll need every one you can get. A skull will instantly kill all enemies on the screen. A red bat symbol will give you ninja stars, a green one will give you bolos, and the blue will give you batarangs. Each weapon can be upgraded up to six times with the power-up that looks like a fireball. A ball with a pic of batman will give you one-up. The two player mode is an arcade style. You friend can join at any time, except in the middle of a boss fight. You can start as Batman or Robin, and your friend will play the other when he/she joins in.

A Button Attack
B Button Jump, attack when in midair
C Button Attack
Skip A Level!
While in play, press Start. Then press B, A, Down, B, A, Down, Left, Up, C, to skip a level!
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