Aladdin 1993 By: Virgin Interactive

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Stop Jafar from taking the Sultan's kingdom. It is your mission to outsmart Jafar and ruin his nefarious plans. Also, you must rescue Jasmine, a beautiful princess, and win her love in the process.
Aladdin is one of the biggest Disney movies of its time, so of course they made a game of it. This platformer offered great graphics with music that we know and love from the movie. Grabbing on to ledges, throwing apples, and jumping on your opponents to kill them made for great gameplay. Add some bonus levels, and responsive controls, and the result is a very entertaining game.


This game puts you in control of Aladdin and Abu his loyal pet monkey. The game begins in the Market Place, where you'll run for your life from angry merchants and other enemies. Next, you'll enter the Cave of Wonders and search for the magical lamp. After escaping from the cave, you must brave the dangers of three more levels: Inside the Genie's Lamp, The Sultan's Palace, and Jafar's Palace. There is a section of the Cave of Wonders where you have to fly the carpet out to escape. It's pretty difficult, but it's a nice change of pace on the gameplay.
There are five bosses in the game: Gazheem, Rahoul, Shiva Monkey, Iago, and Jafar. The only one that puts up a decent fight is Jafar, though.
The smoke coming out of the lamp in the top left corner is your life meter. Blue hearts will refill the meter. Collecting Genie's faces will give you chances at the bonus game between levels. Apples are your ranged ammunition. Collecting gems will allow you to buy things from the shop-keep from time to time.

A Button Throw
B Button Sword
C Button Jump
Start Button Start, Pause
Swinging is useful
When swinging from a beam, Aladdin can knock enemies over with his feet.
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