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The whole Kidd family is upset! Alex's father, King Thor, is missing!

At home on planet Aries, Alex hears a rumor that King Thor's been kidnapped by Ashra, the mean ruler of planet Paperock. Alex speeds to Paperock and starts searching for his dad.

But he runs right into trouble. All the creatures on Paperock decide to keep Alex away from Sky Castle, Ashra's hideaway. They block his path and chase him when he tries to get away. So Alex gets tough! He knows how to jump, punch, and kick. And he finds out how much fun it is when the creatures explode!

Alex uses his power wallops on anything that gets in his way. And then he grabs the gold and treasures that magically appear.

But a big surprise is waiting for this Kidd. Alex finds himself dragged into a game of Janken with the Paperock bullies. In this game, he's got to make a hand signal for paper, scissors, or rock at the same time as his opponent. If not, Alex gets bonked out and loses some of his gold. How embarrassing.

Will Alex make it to the Enchanted Castle and find his dad? Or will the smart-aleck Paperocks get a good laugh? It's up to you!

--From the Genesis Alex Kidd in The Enchanted Castle instruction manual.

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When this was released it was around the release of big titles for Nintendo and a launch of Sega with Sonic. With all the games going after adults, Sega released this Japanese port to America hoping to appeal to kids. Alex Kidd was actually already famous on the Sega Master System and in Japan. This was the first and only one on Genesis.
This platformer game is really pretty difficult. Killing enemies is often very difficult to time and with just one hit you can die. So, while it looks like a game for little kids, the younger ones may find it to be overly frustrating.
The colors are bright and the detail is pretty good. Animation is as smooth as you'd expect from a Genesis game. The music is bright and jouncy and not that bad. There's a nice variety to the game, since you get to pick up so many different kinds of items that change how you play the game. This is a fairly addictive little game.


You start on your way in Rookietown! (Probably named that since you're just getting started) and work your way through the game. If you just tap B Alex will punch at enemies or obstacles. If you press down and B he'll punch from the ground. You'll need to do this to clear some spaces that are low to the ground so that you can crawl through them. Hitting the blue balls will sending them flying. If they fly into a wall or obstacle they'll break, but if you send them into an enemy, you'll kill that enemy. You cannot punch while in air. Rely on the flying kick for defeating airborne enemies. This often requires careful timing.
As you progress through each level you will find door-ways in which you can enter. Press up in front of a doorway to enter. Almost all of these doorways will lead you to a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors". In each one you have to wager some gold. If you are successful at beating your opponent you will be given a gift. The gift available is displayed in front of the podium with the monkeys standing on it. If you fail, you pay your loss, get flattened and are on your way, or in some wagers, you must pay with your life. In these cases he will ask before you play if you want to bet your life.
The gifts that you win can help you throughout the game:
Bracelet - Allows you to throw a weapon when you punch or jump!

Motorcycle - Let's you zoom through levels unharmed! Crash into barriers and enemies to destroy them. This only lasts a short time, and you can only go forward (to the right) with it.

Helicopter - Flies you anywhere, but if you run into something, you'll crash. The helicopter will fire a missile when you press B. You must continually tap A or C quickly to keep the helicopter in the air.

Pogo Stick - Gives you extra height in bouncing to reach hard to reach items! Hold down A or C to bounce higher. Also, while on the pogo stick you can bounce on enemies to defeat them.

Cane -Allows you to walk on air! Now you can move wherever you want to on the screen. Press any direction and he'll move that direction (as long as nothing's blocking him) including up! This only lasts a short amount of time and you cannot put it back by unequipping it.

Cape - Partial invulnerability!

Amulet - With this you can read an opponent's mind if you use it before going into a match!

The items you find and win will be in your Start Menu. Press Start and then move the cursor over to an item to choose it. Press A, B, or C to equip it or unequip it. The first box shows your lives and cannot be selected.
Collect gold from treasure boxes, destroying enemies, or gold bags. It's rather simple to gain a high amount of gold fast. Just go out and smash any likely targets. Treasure chests and enemies alike don't take much to destroy. Watch out for bombs that some enemies will drop and some chests will contain. If you're blown up you'll lose a life.
At the end of every level there will be a yellow tear-drop shape with a black box in it. Grab this to go on to the next level. After a series of levels you will have to face off against a Superior "Paper, Rock, Scissors" Boss, and win. Eventually finishing the game and saving the life of your father!

A Button Jump/Flying Kick
B Button Punch
C Button Jump/Flying Kick
Start Button Pause Menu
Skipping Boss Sequence!
To skip the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" sequences, wait until the conversation between to two is finished, then press start to pause the game and press start again to un-pause and the sequence should be over!
False Floor
If you jump on the ground just after the first house and underneath the treasure chest that's on a platform overhead, you'll break the ground. Keep it up and you'll fall through into a secret room with lots of treasure. To get out of the room jump up onto the big brick block floating in the air at the left of the room. Get to it by use of little platforms or the one that is moving back and forth. When up there, jump to knock away the ceiling over your head. Similar secret rooms will be found throughout the levels.
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