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The Future Is Now
The space ship SULACO, which is carrying the cryotubes that Ripley, Newt and Hicks have been in a state of hypersleep within, is being propelled through space when a malfunction occurs. In response to this malfunction, SULACO's "brain" ejects the EEV containing the cryotubes. We later find out that not only has the synthetic human, Bishop been aboard as well, but an alien has also managed to infest itself within the body of Ripley.

As the SULACO plummets helplessly through space, the EEV is hurled out of its hold and crashes on an isolated section of the mining planet and "penal colony," FIORINA 161. This is a place so dark, so dreary, so deep in space that it has all but been forgotten by civilization, and salvation for its inhabitants seems hopeless.

Upon impact, the EEV is seriously damaged and the cryotubes holding Newt and Hicks are shattered, leaving them dead. Bishop, the android, is shattered and reduced to negative capability, while Ripley is left unconscious, but alive.

The planet FIORINA 161 is inhabited by hard-core individuals who are convicts serving time in this maximum security facility. These outcasts were left on the planet as a maintenance crew. They are joined in this "other-worldly existence" by a medical officer and two supervisors. The men are thieves, rapists, murderers... the worst of the worst, and they have been able to resist any sort of temptation for many years. That includes the temptation of a woman. A woman such as Ripley.

Clemens, the medical officer, is able to rescue Ripley and "bring her back to life." Suspecting that the aliens have followed her to FIORINA 161, Ripley attempts to prove her worst fears are true. She knows that "The Company," the private corporation that financed her many space explorations, considers the Aliens to be an important species and has ordered them not to be harmed. The "Company" has millions of dollars invested in the "Alien Retrieval Project" which would bring this strain of hideous killing machines back to earth to be used for world domination. Ripley is aware of their devious plan and knows that they must be stopped.

Ripley's worst fears have now become true. She has indeed brought the aliens to FIORINA 161 and they are now growing in number and will eventually find a way to leave this barren planet and make their way to a more populated... more civilized world. Earth.

Ripley now takes on her most important assignment. She must rescue the alien's captives, and then find and destroy the aliens themselves.

That thump... is your heartbeat... as you get set to confront the Aliens.

--From the Genesis Alien 3 instruction manual.

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You are Ellen Ripley (of course), sole survivor of another space ship crash (of course), and your mission is to rescue prisoners (of course) from the Aliens (of course) which you brought with you onto their unfortunate planet (of course).
Alien 3 is a fun sci-fi shoot-em-up game, as could be expected from the title. The graphics are pretty nice, the Aliens are particularly well animated, but the sound effects could use improvement. Pretty generic guns and bombs.


Armed with a sweet arsenal of guns and bombs, slug your way through each level, blowing away the nasty bug monster things, and rescuing the poor unfortunate souls who got pasted to the wall with Alien goo, before they burst open with new Alien bug monsters. Lots of choices for weapons make for a nice variety in your game-play. You have a rifle, grenade launcher, hand grenades, and flamethrower, each with its own ammo supply which you have to renew. There are also med packs to restore your health, you'll need that quite a lot, and one supremely useless feature, which is a battery pack for your radar or whatever. It tells you when aliens or prisoners are nearby, but by the time it lights up you can usually see them onscreen.
Unfortunately, there is some monotony and not much replay value, due to the fact that every mission is the same: rescue all the prisoners before time runs out. Still it's fun to watch and hear the splattering of Alien guts all over the place while searching for their human would-be victims. Every few levels you get a boss instead, but he's just a bigger and tougher Alien with somewhat different attack modes.
Overall Alien 3 is a fun game to try for a while, if you get bored you can stop at any time and no one will think the worse of you. Also try the SNES Version of Alien 3, it has some different features, particularly a better variety of mission styles.

A Button Select Weapon
B Button Fire
C Button Jump
Start Button Start, Pause
Level Skip Code
To use this code, first go into the Options screen from the main menu. On Controller 2 press C, Up, Right, Down, Left, A, Right, Down. A sound will verify if you input the code correctly. After that, start the game. Pause the game, then press C, A, B, Start, to skip the current level and go to the next mission.
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