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Our story begins...
     In the 1930s, a period regarded by many as the Golden Age of Animation. Many studios in Hollywood were pumping out reels and reels of new cartoons. During this time, one of the more eccentric and gifted animators at Warner Bros. created the Warner brothers and the Warner sister—specifically, YAKKO, WAKKO and DOT.

     From the beginning, however, these three were labeled too wacky, too wild and just too zany to be let loose on an unsuspecting public. Their comical genius was too far ahead of the times. Behind top-secret closed-door meetings, the studio executives, vice presidents, managers, managing vice presidents, chief executive vice directors of managing, and some people who were really important, decided to lock them up immediately in the Warner Bros. Water Tower.

     They remained imprisoned in that water tower for over 60 years, when they escaped! As soon as they got out, the Warner brothers and their sister immediately began to amuse themselves by wreaking havoc upon film stages all across the studio lot.

     One day, they found something even more entertaining to do. They decided to collect various items used in movies from Warner Bros. Studio and open their own "hip pop culture" shop. Join them now as they pursue their "life's dream" of the day.

--From the Genesis Animaniacs instruction manual.

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     The Animaniacs adventure game has colorful, interesting graphics and puzzles that can be solved intuitively. That there are three characters adds to the fun, because each exhibits a uniquely individual personality. They rubber-band apart as you begin moving them and they clumsily crash into each other when you stop them. When not in motion, they show signs of boredom.

     There are six stages (and in this game they are literally movie stages) that they must complete, each with a different item to be found. The final stage includes Pinky and the Brain, so if you overshoot them on the way, apparently you shouldn’t be concerned.


     You help guide the three animated maniacs through Warner Bros. stage lots looking for missing items. Each Animaniac has particular strengths that will allow you to travel safely through the dangerous situations that they encounter. On the way, you find goodies and encounter both friends and enemies. Remember, they are vulnerable and they have a time limit on each stage. After all, they are on the loose and being sought by authorities.

Introducing The Animaniacs:

     Yakko – he pulls boxes by pressing “A” Button and using the D-Control for direction

           he pushes wooden boxes by just walking into them

           he uses a paddleball as a weapon
     Wakko – pounds things, including fuses, switches, blocks and see-saws with his hammer
     Dot - uses charm to gets things done – she blows kisses
You choose the particular Animaniac that you need in order to accomplish a specific task by pressing the “C” Button until the required Animaniac appears. The face of the chosen Animaniac will appear near the top left of the screen.

Passwords are given when a part of a stage is completed, so that you can bypass work that you have already accomplished. They come in the form of the faces of the Animaniacs on a three by three board.


     1-UP - One More Life

     Star – 100 For A 1-UP

     Timer – Increases Stage Time

     Food – Sweet And Glorious Food – Restores Their Power
Stages (1-4)– You choose one of the following:

     The Adventures of Dirk Rugged VII – Look for Dirk’s hat

     Space Trucking – Look For Dume Rayder’s Helmet

     Remember The A La Mode – Look For Jethro Anderson’s Badge

     To Scream Or Not To Scream – Look For Janus’ Mask
Stage 5

     Once There Was A Man Named Oscar – Look For The Felix Statue
Stage 6:

     Pinky And The Brain Take Over The World – Look For Your Stuff

A Button Animaniac Action
B Button Jump
C Button Select Animaniac
Start Button Start / Pause
The Hand Knows
A pointing Hand will assist you at times
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