Arch Rivals 1989 By: Flying Edge

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Arch Rivals is probably what led to NBA Jam since Flying Edge was a part of Midway. There are no rules in this basketball brawl. You can choose from several rival teams and then pick from a slew of characters for each team, all better at something else. The player you pick is who you always are on the court. After every score there are cartoon like shorts of cheerleaders, coaches, players, or refs. This game is just a load of fun, especially knocking people over for the ball!


Just as in any other typical basketball game, you just simply try to score more points than the other team, but in Arch Rivals, THERE ARE NO FOULS! Go for the dunk or go for the three, but be careful, they may knock your butt to the floor.

A Button Info/ Shoot/ Jump/ Deflect
B Button Other Team Choices/ Pass/ Shove
C Button Sound Test/ Dive
Start Button Start Game/Pause
Player Choices
There is no single best player in the game, but each one has his own particular speciality. It's important to choose the one that best suits your own style of playing (and winning) the game.
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