Ariel The Little Mermaid 1992 By: Blue Sky

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Let My Merpeople Go!

     "You'll never defeat me! The seven seas bow to my power!' rants Ursula, the evil Sea Witch. In her plan to rule the kingdom, she's turning legions of merpeople into sad little polyps. Worse, she bewitches peaceful sea creatures and kidnaps a member of the royal family. All seems lost, until Ariel or Triton comes to the rescue!

     Help Ariel cast her magical voice and rescue her father, King Triton. Or help Triton throw furious thunderbolts and blazing fireballs to save Ariel. You'll battle sea urchins, skeletons, and square off against angry sharks. Test your strength and agility against the molten Lava Monster and the hideous coils of The Medusa.

     But fear not — faithful friends Sebastian, Flounder, and the digger fish rush to your side when you call. Open sunken treasure and hunt through dazzling coral reefs and deep caves with hidden dangers. Then gather your courage and enter Ursula's dark lair. There, the most ferocious challenges await before you can liberate the kingdom!

     To keep the kingdom safe and rescue Triton or Ariel, on each of four levels you must find and free all the merpeople, then defeat the level's boss. You'll fight bewitched critters in every location. Defend yourself! As Ariel, you make evil creatures disappear with your lovely singing voice and powerful sparkling stars. As Triton, you hurl fireballs and thunderbolts.

--From the Genesis Ariel The Little Mermaid instruction manual.

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     That’s the last time I open a can of sardines! I never realized how much was going on below the surface of the oceans until I played this game. Who Knew? It kind of makes me regret pouring all those toxic wastes in the Atlantic Ocean. Oh well, if they hadn’t died from poisoning, those fish would have died from old age by now anyway.
     You get to choose whether to be Ariel or Triton, which are choices that not even Elton John or Truman Capote got, so consider yourself lucky. Whichever one you choose, you have to rescue the other. Life is funny that way.
     There are four levels that you must complete: The Reef, The Sunken Ship, Atlantis and The Cave. There are mean creatures out to do you harm such as Sea Urchins, Crabs, Clams, Sharks, Eels and Skeletons. And just to keep you on your toes, there is the Lava Monster, the Shark Boss, Medusa and of course Ursula. But your little Merpeople are depending on you to save them, so you have no choice but to begin your adventure.
     The game has cute graphics and assistance screens to allow finding your way through the underwater environment to save the Merpeople. The violence is minimal, Ariel simply changes color to reflect injury. The meanies are moderate looking in fierceness, so only teenage boys should be frightened.


     You can choose between the characters Ariel or Triton. Each has their own Normal Protection: Ariel uses her voice whereas Triton, being macho, uses fireballs. Ariel and Triton each have a Special Protection: Ariel throws Magical Stars and Triton throws a Thunderbolt.
     Ariel and Triton have Fish Friends who assist them: Sebastien, who protects them, Flounder who pushes rocks out of the way and DiggerFish who helps dig up buried treasure. But their numbers are limited, so don’t call them on a whim.
     When underwater, you can press Start to bring up a map which displays where you are (the red object), where the Merpeople are (they are twinkling) and the physical layout of the locale. While using the Map, Press “A”, “B” or “C” controller buttons to bring up a screen to choose which Fish Friend you want to call. Select with D-Control LEFT or RIGHT and then press Start.
     The bewitched Merpeople look like green polyps. To free them, float over them or use your Normal Protection.
     The Information Bar at the bottom of the screen displays your Health, the number of Special Protections, the number of keys, the number of Merpeople that need to be rescued, which Fish Friend is ready to help you and the number of Tries (lives) that you currently have.

     Keys to unlock treasure chests

     Treasure Chest loaded with goodies

     Little Hearts to make you healthy

     Gems and Coins to make you wealthy
     Scuttle is a seagull runs a small pawnshop at the bottom of the Ocean. You never know where you might find him but when you do, you can buy goodies from him such as keys, Little Hearts and calls to your Fish Friends. Also more expensive stuff like a Big Heart which completely restores your health, Sparkle which gives you an extra Try and Stars which give Ariel another chance to throw Magic Stars or Triton an extra Thunderbolt.

A Button Special Protection
B Button Normal Protection
C Button Call Fish Friend
Start Button Start / Select / Map
Before leaving a completed level to fight the Boss, if you have any wealth, find Scuttle and stock up on goodies.
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