Awesome Possum 1993 By: Tengen

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OK.... OK.... I know what you are all thinking "A game about recycling... how lame is that?" Honestly you will be surprised with the small punch Awesome Possum lays. It's an actually decent game and has a plot, which you can't say about many other games.
Over the last 20 years mankind has destroyed the environment, Dr. Machino plans to take over the world by polluting, cutting down trees, damming water, and much more. It is your job to defeat Dr. Machino any way now!

Awesome's intelligent quips can be quite annoying and make you want to rip your ears off, so will the music... and any other noise for that matter. However, this does not ruin the game. It reminds you of the first Sonic game, just at a slower speed and collecting trash not rings.
Overall it was an enjoyable game, one I believe to be targeted to children, but it was entertaining, definitely worth a laugh or two!
I give Awesome Possum a surprising 8.5 out of 10!


Stop the maniacal Dr. Machino and his polluting world-destruction plot as you work your way through each level collecting and recycling trash, destroying evil machines, and collecting special bonuses along the way. At the end of each level you will be asked an environmental question, get it right you receive bonus points. Work your way for a high score and defeat Dr. Machino!

A Button Jump
B Button Jump
C Button Jump
Start Button Start/Pause
Secret Options
At the title screen, press C, B, C then hold left on the D pad and press B, C
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