Barkley: Shut Up & Jam! 1994 By: Accolade

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"HEY, any fool can hoop in some stupid gym. I'm talking STREET BALL!"
"No pretty uniforms. NO REFS protecting your sorry self. Just you and me against some of the toughest street legends I've ever had the pleasure of bustin' a move on. And THEY AIN'T ABOUT TO TAKE TRASH off some two-inch vertical leapin' momma's boy. You got that? So don't embarrass me. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT on seven of the nastiest blacktops this side of North Philly."

    2-on-2 Street basketball: "We can play for points, we can play by the clock, or we can play until your momma calls you home for dinner."

    Play as Charles Barkley: "You can jam like me, but you'll never be as handsome as me."

    7 Blacktops in 7 Different Cities: "Chain nets. Graffiti. I love playing in the hood."

    Play against 15 Street All-Stars: "They'd be in the pro's if they weren't so mean."

    Real Street Ball Moves: "Monster dunks, reverse 360 jams, pushing, shoving. You got a problem with that?"

    Tournament Mode: "Make it through the streets and you'll get a shot at me in an arena. Bet you can't wait for the floor burns."

    Post-Game Stats: "Two and three point shots, jams, steals, blocked shots, rebounds. You come out ahead in the stats you come up with a 'W'."

    Digitized Commentary from Charles Barkley: "Just shut up and listen."

--from the back cover of Barkley Shut Up and Jam for Genesis

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