Battle Squadron 1990 By: EA Games

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This game, like all the scrolling shooters out there, can be quite difficult and leave you with a headache after only 10 minutes of play. With so many dots flashing around the screen and enemy craft heading right for you, your eyes won't know what to adjust to and how to take it all in. This in my opinion is the flaw of these types of games, even if that is the only challenge!
The repetitive sounds and music can get annoying at times, but you get so sucked into the animations on screen that you nearly block it out. The game does require most of your attention and a great reaction time. A slight distraction or slow down can kill you in an instant.
Bottom line, if you're a fan of Scrolling Shooters (especially 1942) then you will love this game.
I give Battle Squadron a 8 out Of 10!



If you have ever played 1942, then you know exactly what to do in this game.

It is just as in any other scrolling air shooter, if you see something moving, shoot it, most likely it isn't going to help you unless it came from an enemy you killed.
Also, as in the others of this genre, you are given 2 weapons. A regular shot, and mega shot which just about destroys everything on the screen. Use the megas sparingly, and kill enemy craft marked X to upgrade your regular shot to dazzling larger and much more distractive.... I mean destructive shots.
As you go through the level you may find caves or passages to go through. Some you may decide and be able to go through and others you may just want to pass up. Though there isn't much distinction between levels, the caves add a nice flare to the game, especially if you miss any. If you enter them, you'll most often fight 2 mini bosses. Throughout the caves are plenty of opportunities to rack up a score, gather mega shots, and upgrade your basic shot. You'll definitely see a lot of X's!
Destroy all the enemies and collect X's from certain shooters, for a maximum score. Defeat mini bosses and make it through alive in each level to beat the game!

A Button Basic Shot
B Button Mega Shot
C Button Basic Shot
Start Button Pause
Bullet Speed
Though it may sound like a good idea to lower the bullet speed to decrease difficulty, it actually works to make it more difficult. This is because, there are more bullets on the screen this way, and that means more to maneuver around, being much more dangerous than if bullets were off screen!
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