Battletoads 1991 By: Rare

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Battletoads was one of my favorite games as a kid. It's a classic side scroller beat'em-up game with a couple of cool graphic twists. For instance, usually at the end of a combo, your fist or foot will get really big and deliver a devastating blow. You also have the ability to pick up weapons your opponents may drop, kinda like Double Dragon. The graphics had bright colors and were well drawn. The music was a little aggravating, but the sound effects were great. The gameplay was good because it mixed things up. Some levels were played like a beat'em-up, some were racing, and a couple were like a platformer. The controls were easy to learn, and they reacted well.
The story is pretty unoriginal. A kidnapped princess is the most regurgitated storyline in the video game business. Battletoads is a lot of fun to play though, I suggest trying it at least once.


Save Pimple and the Princess from the evil Queen by fighting, racing, and thinking your way through all the levels.
Choose one or two players. If you choose one player, you'll have to contend with the forces of evil by yourself. In two player mode, you and your friend will take on the forces of darkness together. You may find that having a buddy along to help is... well, helpful.
There are no power-ups to speak of. You can replenish your life by eating flies, just face them and press A. You can pick up weapons off of fallen enemies, and they all work the same. Just take a big swing and try to do some big damage. The weapons aren't as efficient as fighting bare-handed, though, because of the combos you can pull off with your karate skills (kara te means "empty hand").
Most of the levels are played the same. As enemies wander into the screen, Beat-em-up until the arrow appears and tells you which direction to go. A few of the levels you get to drive. In these levels you have to dodge your way through. At the end of each level there will be a boss to contend with. Find the best strategy for your tastes and defeat them accordingly.

A Button Jump
B Button Attack, Pick up Weapon
C Button None
Start Button Start/Pause
Level Select
Enter this code at the title screen: Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, C, A, B.
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