Battletoads Double Dragon 1993 By: Tradewest

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After picking up the Dragons in the Battlecopter, it's time to play space-cadets and intercept the mighty Colossus. Now's the time to get MAD n' BAD, as you begin your epic quest to save Earth from the bad guys. it's not gonna be easy, team-- the Colossus is a BIG ship and there's bound to be a whole ton of trouble waiting within its neutron shields. And with trouble, comes questions: will the team-up between the 'toads and the dragons be tight enough to defeat the dark hordes? And if so, will the Dark Queen and the Shadow Boss hang around long enough for you to settle the score?

--From the Genesis Battletoads Double Dragon instruction manual.

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Battletoads and Double Dragon team up in this game to defeat evil. This game was good enough that it needed to be put out on SNES and Genesis. I like this version better. The only major differences were the enemies and the graphics for the background. This game seemed to be much easier to play. The bosses are the same, but the sprites are mostly easier to beat than their SNES counterparts. Give this game a try if you like arcade style beat-em-up games.


Choose a character and save the world from evil.

A Button Attack
B Button Jump
C Button Attack
Start Button Start, Pause
Five lives
At the character select screen, hold up, A, and B, and press start.
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