Beauty & The Beast: Belle's Quest 1993 By: SunSoft

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"Be Our Guest" on this Disney adventure, following the story of Beauty and the Beast, the classic tale of true love. Belle, the imaginative girl with her head in the clouds, must rescue her father from the vicious Beast by trading places with him. Finding that the beast is under a spell, she then tries her luck at breaking it. Beware the would-be hero, Gaston, who secretly loves Belle and will stop at nothing to take her for himself. Along with a whimsical group of animated household objects, Belle searches for the way to break the spell over the beast. Good luck!
Belle's Quest follows the story of the Disney classic animated film Beauty and the Beast. The graphics of this game are wonderful, and made to look like the animation of the movie. The music is wonderful too, and taken right out of the cartoon with whimsical melodies and light hearted tunes. This game is definitely recommended for the Disney fan, and for those who love puzzles and challenges.


Belle's Quest is a fun game in which Belle must first help the people of the village find out why the water has stopped flowing. Talk to the people around town to figure out just what is going on, and use Gaston to help you solve it. After that, make your way through the forbidden woods to find your father, in a maze of trees and thorn bushes. Watch out for the birds and wolves! (Remember what the pumpkin farmer told you and you'll get through). Next, run through Beast's Castle to find out the way to break the spell over him and save him. Along your way, you will find items that help you in your quest, such as blue books which refill your health, extra lives, keys, and torches. This game has no real bosses, instead to progress in levels you have to meet objectives or solve puzzles. This game is both fun and entertaining. So sit down, Log in, and Have fun!

A Button DUCK
B Button JUMP
Start Button PAUSE
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