Blades of Vengeance 1993 By: EA

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This is a great game if you enjoy fantasies of any sort, and especially great if you have ever touched Dungeons & Dragons and actually liked it.
Blades of Vengeance's plot is a little scarce, but it is meant to be that way, leaving you to be your own story teller and leaving a lot to the imagination. This is the idea of every fantasy game, but EA made it stand out quite well in BOV.
The graphics, for the time when this game was made, are fairly decent. Look at the backgrounds, they are sometimes breath taking (especially to know they are pixels)! Hardly ever, if ever, will you see a sliding animation; the speed is choreographed with the image flawlessly. The weapons and enemies look very detailed and feel a lot like a fantasy should.
The sound is poor, however. Weapon movement and treasure box breaking are the only two good sounds. The most annoying noise is when you are hit, especially over and over again. For such great graphics they put little detail into the sounds and music of a game, which kind of drags the game on. Thankfully it doesn't ruin the experience.

EA, for being a sports mogul even then, made a pretty addicting and entertaining fantasy game for their time. Blades of Vengeance is definitely worth playing regardless of your attitude toward fantasies and D & D.
I give Blades of Vengeance a 8.5 out Of 10!


Begin a quest to help rescue the peaceful land, the white bearded spirit, and your people, from the dark menace Manax, who has quickly come to power and lay wrath on the land.
Follow the instructions of the spirit as he guides you through the land he once protected and oversaw. He will send you on your way through mythical places as warm as a volcano and as cold as an icy tundra.
Make haste through the levels as you kill off the several demonic hordes that lay in your path. Use all that you have to destroy them and the spells cast over the land.
Replenish your health often, and be wise to keep your chosen warrior safe. Make it through the vast land and finally take out Manax to restore peace and save the populace from certain destruction!

A Button N/A
B Button Attack/Select
C Button Jump
Start Button Pause/Item Select
Be Wise; Use Your Head
As you play through each level, be cautious and take time to think of what you are about to do. Look for any enemies below or above you before you leap. Make sure you're not too high and you kill yourself. Most importantly, pay close attention to your health. If you use your head you can easily beat this game!
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