Bonanza Brothers 1991 By: Sega

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Stop! Thief!

The Bonanza Bros., Mike and Spike, two of the most famous investigators around, get a strange phone call one day. The caller doesn't reveal his name- he only asks the Bonanzas to meet him, at a special time and place. They hesitate at first, but the caller's last words stick in their minds. "I'm certain that this will prove to be a very lucrative partnership..."

Mike and Spike arrive at the boarded-up front of what used to be a grocery store. "He said we should go on in," says Mike, and in they go, wondering just what's going on.

"Yo! Anybody here?" shouts Spike into the darkness. Suddenly a sharp click and a flash of light send the Bonanzas diving for cover.

"It's a set up!" they yell. They lift up their heads slowly to check the room. The TV has been mysteriously turned on, and a figure begins speaking to them.

"I can't give you my name. I'll just tell you that I'm a businessman with a problem. Many of my properties have been targets for robbery recently. I don't know why they've been hit, but it's become quite a costly situation. I need the two of you, the renowned Bonanza Brothers, to test my security forces. I have already had various items- money, papers, and the like- placed randomly in ten of my establishments. Your job is to retrieve every single item. If you succeed, the reward will make Fort Knox look like pocket change. Good luck..."

The figure fades out, and the Bonanzas stare at a screen full of static. "Ya think this guy's on the up an' up?" Mike asks his brother.

"I tell ya what," Spike replies, "we're sure gonna find out!"

--From the Genesis Bonanza Brothers instruction manual.

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Businesses of a man are being robbed. He offers a job to the Bonanza Brothers. Their job is to test the security force. They must collect certain items from these buildings. If they are collected successfully, they will reward you, the Bonanza Brothers!


Go into the building and search for the valuable items you are supposed to steal. You can see those items blinking on the map. These items are located throughout the building. Once you have collected them, you must exit the building. Collecting these items however won't be easy. Security will try to stop you.

A Button Jump
B Button Shoot
C Button Jump
Start Button Pause
Step on a rake just before being hit by a bullet. Your character will be invincible until an item is collected.
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