Bonkers 1994 By: Capcom

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This game is based around the old cartoon show Bonkers which has some kind of freaky cat solving crimes and always screwing up somehow in the end! This time you're in control to help Bonkers become the employee of the month. With 4 criminals on the loose you pick which one to nab first and finally go after the big kahuna! This will get you the officer of the month FOR SURE!


Go level by level as you try to stop the bandits and crooks after they commit their crimes. The more you arrest the better your score and the higher your rank until you become the officer of the month!

A Button Throw Donut / Throw Brick / Hit Box / Shoot Gum
B Button Throw Donut / Jump / Hit Box / Drop Oil
C Button Throw Donut / Show Suspect / Slow Down
Start Button Pause
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