Boogerman A Pick and Flick Adventure 1995 By: Interplay Productions, Inc.

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While most superheroes rely on their extraordinary abilities and special talents, Boogerman is more conventional in using his overly powerful mucous and his penchant for flatulence in the fight against evil. Take control of the slightly slimy hero as he tries to thwart the nefarious Booger Meister and his plans for world domination. Battle your way through more than 20 levels of snot-slinging action in places like The Pits, Mucous Mountain, Flatulent Swamps, Sewer City, and Boogerville facing off against four heinous bosses and 20 henchmen. With its tongue-in-cheek perspective on action heroes and plenty of disgustingly funny characters, BOOGERMAN: A Pick and Flick Adventure is a realÂ…gas!


To complete this disgusting and hilarious adventure you'll need to use your insane assortment of weapons. The most important item in the game is your string of boogers you can use to fling at your enemies. Other means of defense are burping, farting, and stomping. You'll also need to collect plungers for extra lives. So let the snot fly, this game is gonna get you hooked. 8/10*

A Button Release Gas
B Button Mucous Attack
Y Button Jump
Start Button Start/Pause
Control Credit Sequence
While the credits are displayed after you defeat Booger Meiser, you can do what ever you want, such as fly, fart, burp, and even change back into the millionaire. You can vacuum by pressing "UP" or "DOWN". You can also dust by pressing "A".
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