Brutal Paws of Fury 1994 By: Gametek

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Though without a deep plot, the game has a short story of an animal fighter, fighting to become their best and the best of all. Using combinations of moves and knowing when to strike are key. The game is very fast-paced as the animals fly at one another. After defeating your opponent, you advance to the next area on the map to face another opponent. At last you will face Dali Llama, the hardest match of the game.


After selecting from 1 of 7 available characters and naming them how you wish, you set out to cross the map, defeating opponent animals one by one as your gain new abilities and change your belt color. Your goal, to defeat Dali Llama and become a black belt fighter.

A Button Light Kick
B Button Medium Kick
C Button Fierce Kick
X Button Light Punch
Y Button Medium Punch
Z Button Fierce Punch
Start Button Start/Pause
Enter Nine Sprogs as a password.
Fight As Dali Llama
Press C, A, B, A, ←, A at the title screen. A Sound will confirm entry!
Play As Karate Kroc
Press ↑, ↓, A, B, C, C, B, A, ↓, ↑ a sound will confirm entry.
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