Bubsy 2 1994 By: Accolade

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A Word from Bubsy:
Just think of it. Me. Bubsy Bobcat. Fabulously talented star of game and screen, reduced to pushing Amazatorium Tours for Dr. V. Reality. Why, it seems like it was only yesterday when I was wild. Free. And not committed to wearing a work outfit that comes with a paper hat.

I'm the Official Tour Guide of Dr. Reality's AMAZATORIIUM. Oh sure. It sounds like fun. But maybe you should read the fine print in your travel brochure before making me your trusty travel guide...

--From the Genesis Bubsy 2 instruction manual.

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If you're familiar with Bubsy 1 then you'll fit right into this game and adapt to the 3 or 4 new features. The various levels make this game a lot more fun, and filled with unique enemies and other opportunities. Being able to fly a plane and shoot down others is loads of fun, or going into space to fight pirates. Collect marbles and have some fun with this one-of-a-kind game!


Just like in Bubsy the original. Jump on top of enemies to get rid of them. Glide across big parts of the game. This time you collect marbles, not yarn, and there are various levels to choose from the start. Just be sure not to hurt yourself too badly!

A Button Jump High
B Button Jump Glide
C Button Weapons
Start Button Pause
Various Codes
Enter these codes at the title screen.
→, ↑, B, B for 99 portal holes
C, C, ↑, ↓, C for 99 smart bombs
↑, A, A, A, ↓ for All Levels Completed
B, ←, ↑, B for 99 wet suits
B, A, ←, ← for 99 Nerf Shots
C, A, B , C, ↑, ↓
B,↑, B, B, A For 50 lives
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