Burning Force 1990 By: NAMCO

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While joy riding on her airbike on a routine patrol, Hiromo discovered that aliens were invading the earth. Now it is up to her alone to stop them, and you only have 5 days to do it. So get on your airbike (sorry guys, the hero in this game is a girl) and go kick some alien butt. Don't worry though, your team will brief you about alien boss's weak points.
Burning Force is a fun game with a 1st person perspective that has good graphics, showing an almost realistic explosion when you kill an enemy. The music in this game is good and keeps a sense of urgency when attacking bosses. This game is fun and worth playing, so start up your airbike and get ready to save the world.


Burning Force is a first-person perspective shoot'em-up that is bound to have you playing for hours. Take control of Hiromo as you ride around on your airbike and save the world from aliens. Your bike is equipped with lasers and missiles that you use to kill a variety of different alien invaders, such as hovercraft, planes, subs that jump out of the water, and subterranean craft that jump out of the ground.  

Along your way you will pick up ugrades to your lasers that give you four shots, or a strange circular shot that spins towards enemies. You will also find upgrades to your missiles that do more damage. Destroy trees and other terrain features to get green orbs that, if you collect five, will restore one of your three health bars. Be careful though, if you lose all three health bars you will lose a life, and you only have three.
You only have five days to save the world. In one day you will go through 3 areas, at the end of which there is a boss, which is a large craft that is hard to kill. At the end of the 2nd area you will be picked up by your crew and given a briefing about the boss's weak point. Fight your way through to the alien mothership to save the world. At the end of each day you will get the chance to run through a bonus level and collect as many points as you can. Collect enough points and you get an extra life. So good luck, and happy hunting!

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