Champions World Class Soccer 1994 By: Acclaim

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Champions World Class Soccer is the first soccer game I can remember playing as a child off of the good ol' Sega Channel. Unfortunately it wasn't that great then, and isn't all that great now. Even though I am much more skilled in video games, this one still is very uncontrollable and down right frustrating.
Controls are completely jumpy and very sticky, it's definitely not as fluent as soccer games need to be. The camera in the game isn't much help as its movement is rather clunky as well and will leave you beating up your screen hoping it moves a bit faster and actually catch up to the action so you know if a defender is in front of you. Taking shots can be bothersome, since the movement is so slow, defenders can block with ease.

The many styles of play don't save this game, as horrible sound and an almost impossible to beat defense play a big role in how frustrated you can get with this game. It represents soccer pretty well, but is just too slow and too difficult to control and defeat to make it bearable.

I give Champions World Class Soccer a 6.5 out of 10!


One good thing, this game was one of the first soccer games on Genesis and probably fired up EA's FIFA. The many modes in both games show where these ideas could have been taken. The tournament mode is what keeps this game alive, making it feel as if you are actually going to win a world championship. Five teams stand in your way to victory, can you beat them all? That challenge enough fuels you.
Select from the options menu either a 1 player tournament, exhibition, 2 player exhibition, or input a password. Start off your game by choosing from one of 32 countries all varying in talents, Germany being best and the UAE being the worst. Then select your formation, wait for the coin toss and start the game.
Use your players as you see fit to defend your goal. Make sure you use your fastest runner to take it down field and score the goal. Beware of all kinds of penalties and make sure you know what being onside is!
In Tournament mode, defeat team-by-team and become the "Champions" of the world.

A Button Kick Long, Kick Block
B Button Pass, Slide
C Button Shoot, Change Player
Start Button Pause
Write Down Passwords
Make sure that you write every password down. You never know when the opposing country can come up with an upset win in the final seconds, and after working for hours it is something you don't want to do again!
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