Championship Bowling 1993 By: Mentirx

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Striiiiiiiiiike!!! The fun of bowling has now been transferred to the video game world of Sega. Send the ball barreling down the lane at the pins and then knock them all down (funny, that sounds just like playing regular bowling. Imagine that!). This game is simple and fun, and you can play with three of your friends. All in all this is a great game, so go out there and bowl a winning game!
This game is both fun and addicting. The graphics of the game are good for the Sega, and the music is catchy when it is playing. For the most part, however, you are playing in silence. This is without a doubt a fun and entertaining game that is worth playing.


Championship Bowling is a simple and fun game that anyone can play. For the most part all you use is one button. First, you must choose your gameplay: Tournament, One on One, or Practice. Practice is straightforward, play by yourself to get better. One on One can be played with your friends or against the computer, to play for fun against a single opponent. Tournament Mode is to see who is the best in a series of games, eliminating the competition one by one. Unfortunately, Tournament is a one player mode.
After choosing your gameplay and your character, you get started bowling. First line up your shot, then adjust the spin of the ball, and finally choose the power behind your shot. After all is said and done, be sure that you are the best at bowling. Good luck!

A Button N/A
B Button N/A
Start Button PAUSE
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