Championship Pool 1993 By: Bitmasters

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Grab your pool stick, the drink of your choice, and a worthy opponent. Don't worry about a pocket full of quarters, in this game you won't need them, unless of course you're playing on an arcade machine. The classic bar game is now on your console. So, if you consider yourself a pool shark, try your hand at this game.
Championship Pool is a wonderful game that brings all the fun of the classic billiard game to your console. The graphics of this game are alright, however you can't make out the number on the ball. You can, however, tell solids from stripes. This game features no music during game-play, but the music in the stat screen is note-worthy, however unnecessary.


Championship Pool is a simple game for anyone how knows how to play the billiard game. The game itself is simple, especially in the Sega game: simply choose the ball you wish to hit and the pocket you wish to hit it into. Then select the strength of your shot. After that line up your shot and hit the "A" button, this will give you a predicted course of the ball. Once you line it up as you want, hit the "A" button again and send your ball flying toward the pocket. The game is as simple as that.
Choose to play Freestyle, where you play by yourself to get the hang of the game; Classic, where you can play with up to 8 players that take turns; or Tournament, where you play against the computer in an all-out championship match to see if you're the best. Play classic pool or 9-ball. It's all up to you, Pool Shark, so dust off that old stick of yours and get to playing.

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