Chester Cheetah Too Cool To Fool 1992 By: Kaneko

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     Yo! CHESTER CHEETAH®,here. I'm a cool dude in a loose mood - a righteous Kitty, from the heart of Hip City. But right now I'm being held against my will In Four Corners Zoo • • • like squaresville! I just don't dig this lame zoo gig.
     What you want to do is help me make it through every stage in Four Corners Zoo. When all stages are mastered without meeting disaster, I can ditch this zoo and ride away to Hip City, USA.

--From the Genesis Chester Cheetah Too Cool To Fool instruction manual.

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     Chester Cheetah is a single player adventure game starring Cheeto’s favorite cat. Chester’s motorcycle has been disassembled and its parts scattered throughout Four Corners Zoo. He must search the six stages in the zoo (Four Corners Zoo Park, the Monkey Pits, Gator Alley, the Hidden Caves, the Birdhouses and the Bonus Round) to gather up all of the parts. He will find several items that will assist him on his quest, make friends who will help him, and he must avoid enemies who will do him harm.

     The graphics are colorful and fun. The sewer scenes are particularly interesting with the cutouts in the piping and the shadow views of Chester and other objects. Chester is a lover, not a fighter, so expect to run from everything.

     The Year of the Cat

     Al Stewart


     On a morning from a Bogart movie

     In a country where they turn back time

     You go strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre

     Contemplating a crime


     She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running

     Like a watercolor in the rain

     Don't bother asking for explanations

     She'll just tell you that she came

     In the year of the cat


     Chester seems to have forgotten that he is a fierce animal, in that he has nothing to defend himself with, other than jumping or running. If you expected him to be able to battle turtles, you were wrong. Just run or jump. Oh yeah, if you find a guitar, Chester dances and is safe from his enemies. Works for me. Just keep moving, searching for special items and jumping over bad guys. Enter sewers through manhole covers (you really don't have much choice since Chester seems to trip into every one he passes). Each stage will have a motorcycle part, so look carefully. Sneakers allow Chester to run when you use Control Pad left or right and press the “B” button.

Special Items To Look For:

     Cheetah Paw – restores power

     Sunglasses – darkens screen to reveal invisible items

     Guitar – makes Chester safe from enemies

     Sneakers – allows Chester to run

     Skateboards – allows Chester to proceed to the Bonus stage

     Badges – 100 allow an additional credit

Friends Who Might Help You:

     The Hip-O

     Funky Monkey

B Button Run
C Button Jump
Up Climb rope or vine
Down Duck
Start Button Start, Pause
The sewers can allow you to bypass some problems
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