Crystal's Pony Tale 1994 By: Sega

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A great game for kids with a "My Little Pony" meets Lisa Frank art feel. The colors are very bright, some verging on neon, and fun. Kids will appreciate the quality of the graphics if they aren't already spoiled on a Wii, and maybe even then. Kids can customize their pony before playing. The controls are easy to learn, and the game itself has three difficulty settings.
The music is, even if a little tinker-toy sounding, excellent. Before you even begin the game, you can listen to Brahm's 4th Symphony. Why they give you this option, I have no clue. During the game you'll notice such songs as Flight of the Bumble Bee and other classical favorites. This isn't an incredibly long game, so it is possible for a kid to beat it in one sitting, and not spend all day at it either.


There will be plenty of other animal friends to help Crystal along her way. Thought bubbles will appear next to animals that will give her clues to help her figure out puzzles and get through the levels. Press A or B next to an animal to see if it has a hint to give you.
Every level will have specific things Crystal needs to find and do. At the end of each level there will be a door with a horse shoe over it and a number. Crystal will need that number of horse shoes to get through the door. Whenever Crystal is hurt by anything (like bats) she will lose horse shoes. Watch out for other things that could make you lose horse shoes, like water spouts. She won't die or anything like that if she runs out, but you'll have to find more to get through. Sometimes you can find horse shoes inside of things by doing something special. If you would like to try to do something with an object, press an action button while next to it. Sometimes you'll get horse shoes by eating apples or by jumping up and catching the musical notes a butterfly drops. Try to use the action buttons next to anything you think might do something or that looks a bit different. Besides horse shoes, you'll also need to find keys to open treasure chests with.
There is only one creature you can fight in this game, and that's with the witch. You cannot fight with other creatures in the game. When you do reach the witch, you will have to rear up and kick her when she comes near you. The witch will show up sometimes when you are turning a gem into a pony.
Find the jewels and then change them back into ponies. Whenever you see a pony outline or picture and an empty jewel outline, you can change a gem into a pony there if you have one. The gems will be shown at the bottom of the screen in the seven squares in the middle. When you change a gem, a picture of a pony will appear there instead. Collect all of the ponies, and then defeat the witch one last time to win the game!

A or B Button Action/
Rear Up and Kick
C Button Jump
Start Button Pause Game
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