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When Max D. Cap invades with an army of demons and other monsters, it's up to you, Chuck D. Head, to get out there and stop him. Your home, an island shaped like a skeleton, was broken apart when Max invaded, and your creator, Professor Frank N. Stein, is working on putting it back together, but he needs your help with that too. Now I'm not going to tell you not to lose your head, because as your name implies, your head is your weapon, so lose it all you want. Good Luck, Gamer.
Decap Attack is a fun and zany game that is actually a sequel to the SMS game Psycho Fox and the NES game Kid Kool. Now how the Fox, Chuck D Head, and Kid Kool are all related is beyond me, but the gameplay is practically identical. This game is also the American version of the Japanese game Magical Hat Flying Turban Adventure, which was based on the Anime show Magic Hat, however the name and graphics were released to US so they were changed to the mummy and skull. This game has good graphics for the 16-bit system and the music keeps you interested in the game and matches the situation with different music for different levels and boss battles.


Decap Attack is a fun side-scrolling platform game that takes you through seven levels that are all named after parts of the body such as Abdomainland, Armington, Last Leg Land, El Beau Island, and Eye Land. Run through each level defeating giant slugs, crazy crows, goblins, and ghouls to get to the boss at the end of the level. The bosses are the same size as Chuck D. Head and use a pattern that should be learned. The bosses include a strange cast, such as the Phantom (who throws his mask), Frogman (who uses his little frogs to attack), Moleman (who burrows up under Chuck), and Max D. Cap (who throws fireballs). Along your way you will find items that do different things such as refill your health, eliminate all enemies on the screen, and make you temporarily invincible. Also you will find "hearts" which replenish you life (and when I say hearts I mean, it looks like a human heart). All these items can be viewed from the menu. In some of the levels, Professor Frank N. Stein will ask you to find an item he needs to reconnect the land, which has to be found before completing the level. All in all this is a fun and challenging game that I recommend. So sit down, Log in, and Have fun.

A Button MENU
C Button JUMP
Start Button PAUSE
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