Dick Tracy 1990 By: Touchstone

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     "Calling Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy!

     "We've got a situation! Every hood, thug, and gangster is on the street. Guns, dynamite, knives — you name it, they've got it!"

     "Tracy here. I'm armed and ready. Just tell me where the crooks are, Chief."

     "Everywhere! They're hiding out in the alleys and on the pier! Something's up at the train yard. Itchy's gunning for you, and The Brow's been seen cruising the streets.

     "We think Big Boy Caprice is putting the heat on. Make those stool pigeons sing, Tracy. Get some leads. Check out the warehouse and sewers. Shake down Lips Manlis at the Club Ritz. Then go after Rattop, Big Boy's hit man. Be careful. He won't be taken alive!

     "You'll have to get a fix on Big Boy's whereabouts and go after him. It'll be a tough fight — the biggest rat is always in the deepest hole. But if he's still at large by morning, this whole city will be putty in his slimy hands!"

     "OK, Chief. Sit tight and wait for my call. I've got a city to save! Over and out!"

--From the Genesis Dick Tracy instruction manual.

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     There are Good Guys and there are Bad Guys, but Dick Tracy is a Great Guy. He wants to eliminate all of the organized scum in his city, no matter what it takes. So using his fists and his wits and a few toys like a pistol and a machine gun, he goes after them. The Bad Guys are the Bosses: Itchy, The Brow, Lips Manlis, Pruneface (hey, let’s not get personal here), Flattop, and last but not least, Big Boy Caprice. If you love the Bad Guys, just run home and cry to your momma, cause neither the United States Supreme Court nor the ACLU can stop Tracy from sending these scum to meet Satan.
     The sounds are fantastic! Gunfire and breaking glass, what more could you ask for? The machine gun fire can wreak havoc not just on the Bad Guys but also on windows, lamp posts and even fire hydrants. All the designers had to do was add aerosol paint cans for graffiti and they could have re-issued the game as "Punks Take Over New York City".

     What a cheesy town! Not even a piece of gum on the sidewalk for an honest cop to pick up. Guess you have to make it armed only with what you started with. No need to look for goodies here copper, there ain’t none!
     I thought the toughs on the streets were bad, but the Bosses make them seem like cream puffs. And are the Bosses getting meaner or just uglier? Who knows? Apparently not even the game designer. Or at least they didn’t clue us in. Guess if you want to know which is the baddest Boss, you’ll just have to fight them all. I never did. I retired first. Those 47 shots to the gut may have been the reason. Or maybe just the bad coffee at the precinct house.The preliminary game action was limited to just killing Bad Guys, but this might just be the catharsis you need. And besides, this game is for Tough Guys who can fight their way through to victory, not for wimpy reviewers like me. So buck up and save mankind.

     The Night Chicago Died

     Paper Lace


     In the heat of a summer night

     In the land of the dollar bill

     When the town of Chicago died

     And they talk about it still


     When a man named Al Capone

     Tried to make that town his own

     And he called his gang to war

     With the forces of the law


     And the sound of the battle rang

     Through the streets of the old east side

     'Til the last of the hoodlum gang

     Had surrendered up or died


     In six stages of three rounds each, Dick fights his way through the underbelly of society. In the third round of each stage he faces one of the Bosses himself, and he better be ready for real action, cause the Bosses ain’t sissies. If he wins the stage, he gets to go to Target Practice where he can improve his skills and his pay. And don’t forget, you only have a certain amount of time to beat a stage. It ain’t like you’re getting paid by the body count.

     Pistol fire and fists defeat Bad Guys on the near side of the street, while Tracy must use machine gun fire to hit the ones on the other side. Don’t be afraid to jump or duck to avoid personal injuries. You can get “No Break Bonus” points if you make life easy on the city’s maintenance crew, but “We don’t need no stinking No Break Bonus points”.

     Sorry folks, no Goodies in this game. If you are looking for Goodies, go to Krispy Kreme.

Target Practice:

     “A” button     shoots target on left

     “B” button     shoots target in the middle

     “C” button     shoots target on right

A Button Pistol / Punch
B Button Jump / Climb
C Button Machine Gun
B Button + Up Jumps Dangerous Places
Start Button Start, Pause
The Kid
If The Kid runs by, bump into him for extra energy
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